The official deadline for applications for September 2021 entry ended on 15th January. But you can still apply for school places after this date. The ability to do this is particularly relevant in our case, because people are moving into the estate all the time. It is important to note that applications received after 15th January will be considered after on-time ones.

Applying for a place at a school that is not yet open is different from the normal process (for the first intake of pupils only). Be assured that it is not nearly as complicated as it sounds and you will be guided at every stage. You can find out if you are in the formal catchment area for the primary school and nursery by using the interactive map at the bottom of this page.

key dates IN ADMISSIONS PROCESS for school

  • September 2020 – Parents of children born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 were able to apply to River Learning Trust (RLT) for a place at Windrush Church of England Primary School
  • 1st November 2020 – These parents were also able to apply to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) for a place at an existing school.
  • 15th January 2021 – Deadline for both the Windrush application and the OCC application. Applications after this date will be considered after the ‘on-time’ applications
  • 16th April 2021 – National Primary Offer Day, when you will find out where your child will be going to school.

Other key information on school ADMISSIONS PROCESS

Applying for a place at a new primary school is slightly different from applying for a place at one that is already open. This is what you need to know:

  • Windrush is not available to select as an option on the council’s normal application form. Parents will need to make an application for a place at Windrush AND to the county council for a place at an existing school
  • At this stage, the county council is not allowed to take into account an application to Windrush when it comes to allocating places at an existing school
  • Once Windrush is able to demonstrate to the Department for Education (DfE) that enough people have applied to the school, RLT will enter into a Funding Agreement with the DfE. This is the formal document that allows a free school to operate
  • Once approval to open is granted, the county council will – in the case of children who have applied for a place at Windrush – ask parents to submit a new order of preference from a combined list containing the existing schools they have applied to, plus Windrush
  • If approval to open is not granted before National Primary Offer Day, up to 30 children will be offered conditional places at Windrush as well as a place at an existing school.

nursery admissions process

Applications for nursery will follow the same timeline as admissions for the school, with parents needing to express an interest directly to River Learning Trust by 15th January 2021. Applications will continue to be taken after this date, but will be considered after those that were submitted ‘on time’. The oversubscription criteria and the catchment area are the same as for the school, however, entitlement to free provision (15 or 30 hours per week) is subject to Oxfordshire County Council’s guidelines. If there is availability, parents will also be able to purchase additional hours to their free entitlement. 

send provision

The school will eventually include an eight-place specialist resourced provision for children with communication and interaction needs (autism, and speech and language difficulties), and physical or sensory needs. Admissions for these places will be coordinated with Oxfordshire County Council and are for children with Education Health Care Plans only. You can find out more about the county council’s SEND provision HERE

Religious character

Windrush Church of England Primary School will be supported by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education (ODBE) and will offer an education based on Christian values. It will be a progressive Church of England (Anglican) school in character, but it will be for children of all faiths and none. No preference will be given to practising Anglican families in the admissions process. Click HERE to find out more about ODBE.


The formal catchment area for Windrush CofE Primary School is shown on the interactive map below. The catchment area is used as part of the admissions oversubscription criteria to prioritise applications. In the event of more than 30 children applying for a place at the school, it will be used to prioritise applications.